Hel/0 there!


Divided By Zero

A group of dedicated Information Systems students from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Philippines who enjoy doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

The Official Philippine Representative for the World Finals of the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design Competition.

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Twitter: twitter.com/DividedByZeroPH
Email: DividedByZeroPH@gmail.com

The Project 

“KidCAMP is a web and mobile application that augments special education by improving autism communication tools, assisting teachers create learning resources, monitoring student performance and supporting global statistics of progress in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It aims to provide families with an affordable educational platform for students with ASD that can help them fulfill equal opportunities for education.

Using Microsoft’s Kinect, special-needs children would then have an experience that feels a lot like their natural environment, where they can use various gestures with their hands and feet as they interact with the pre-created game modules by their teachers.

Every child deserves to have equal education and in order to attain that, we must ensure that we give them the proper tools and the proper environment to help them contribute to a society for a better future.”

“The platform also allows Special Education teachers to build their own activities and games which they can save and share to different educators or students to improve the community of accessible autism-based applications. They can modify and customize these games according to the growing behavior of the child and adjust it in order to suit the child’s changing interests. Integrated with Kinect technologies, the customized applications will allow the child to use a computer in ways he has never been able to do so before.”


About dividedbyzeroph

United by Passion. Divided by Zero.

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